Greet the streets of Stockholm with lovable, fun and friendly pedicabs.

Hej Hej Stockholm!


Pedicabs help you say ‘Hello’ to the streets of Scandinavia’s capital.

‘Hej Hejs’ are modern, battery-assisted, unique-looking cycles that create a buzz of excitement wherever they go. So, whether you’re a visitor wanting to see the sights, a business looking to advertise in the city centre or if you’re holding a special event and want to transport your guests, welcome to Hej Hej Stockholm – the fun and friendly pedicabs.


Hop in a 'Hej Hej' today.





See the very best of Stockholm with our spectacular city tours.

Or hop on a Hej Hej for pub tours and see Stockholm after dark!



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Hej Hej



Engage a city-centre demographic with highly-effective mobile advertising

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Treat your guests at special events, parties and conferences with fun, comfortable, eco-friendly transport.

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o Our rider-guides are professional, speak many languages and will entertain you with stories of Stockholm’s legends, rich history and tales of Garbo, Bergman, Nobel, Stieg Larsson and ABBA!






Why Hej Hej ?


o With 1 tour guide to only 2-3 passengers in a Hej Hej, you get a far more personal experience with a real local you can talk with! Get tips on the best places to eat, drink and see!


o Your friendly rider-guide can stop where and when you like, so you can get the best photos.


o The journeys are Eco-friendly, comfortable and safe.



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0046 (0) 769 -29 43 73

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Skeppsbron, Gamla Stan, Stockholm


o Get a ‘real’ feel for Stockholm, the cycle lanes run close to the waterside and you’ll always feel the fresh air. You’re never stuck behind a window!


o Hej Hejs go places buses can’t; over charming, renaissance bridges and through narrow, medieval streets.





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