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Being a Hej Hej rider-guide is fun, healthy, well-paid and you get to meet and work with friendly international people. Whether you want to work as a rider-tour guide or riding people to bars and clubs, it's an opportunity for you to work within eco-friendly tourism and events. And you may even be a rider at big concerts, events and festivals!



How does it work?


If you are fit enough to cycle for one hour then you can ride a Hej Hej; when you pedal the battery-assist motor helps power the cycle and the 8-gears get you up and over any hills. You must know Stockholm city-centre, be friendly, have some selling skills, speak English and preferably some Swedish.


Like a taxi-driver you work as self-employed – it’s easy but we help you through the process. Passengers ‘Hop in a Hej Hej’ and you take them on tours or wherever they want to go within Stockholm city-centre.


You keep all the money you earn (minus a small insurance fee) You then declare your earnings to Skatteverket and pay any tax due to them. We direct you where and how to collect customers.




We train our drivers in pedicab riding !


Best routes, tour information, how to engage the public and how to sell-sell-sell. So come join an international team of tour professionals, students, travellers and sports enthusiasts.

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