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The static is dead. Long live the mobile billboard. The unique and attractive shape of a Hej Hej Stockholm Pedicab demands attention wherever it goes. Acting as a fun and friendly cycle-taxi for city visitors, Hej Hej’s are more than just an Out-of-Home advert on wheels. Appealing and impactful, we call it

Ad-traction in Motion.




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Bold, daring, innovative.

Will your brand join the mobile billboard revolution(s)?


After television, Out-of-Home advertising is the most effective and the most trustworthy with pedicab advertising being amongst the most effective. The sight of unique, ultra-modern vehicles cruising amongst the people-filled streets provokes interest and excitement – and that’s how we help brands engage with thousands of consumers every day. Does pedicab advertising work? Just ask IKEA, Vattenfall, Mastercard, Nike, Nokia, Sony and many more.



The clean, green &

 mobile advertising machine


Hej Hej pedicabs offer ‘green’ advertising because they are pedal-powered, battery-assisted cycle-taxis that don’t produce emissions – unlike a metro or bus – meaning your brand gets linked to positive, eco-friendly and healthy values; positive Corporate Social Responsibility! And, as an extra service, we’ll even calculate the carbon savings from choosing an eco-friendly advertising method over a polluting alternative so you can report them in your sustainability actions.

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Pedicab advertising works!


Pedicab mobile billboards are highly effective !

  •  2-d or not 2-D?

That is the question. The 3-D nature of a Hej Hej means that angles of vision are much higher than a 2-D billboard, particularly the back of the vehicle as people track the movement of the pedicab as it passes by.

  •  Is mobile or static better?

Mobility catches the eye and is not just another piece of ‘street furniture’.

  •  Roads or pavements?

Moving in cycle lanes, pedicabs are nearer to the pavement than buses allowing closer sight of the advert.

  •  Horsepower?

Slow is the new fast. Pedicabs cruise slowly, stop at lights and cross streets with pedestrians. They are right there, in with the perambulating throng.

  •  Reach?

Pedicabs access areas buses and billboards can’t e.g. Gamla Stan, Drottningatan.

  •  Horns or ‘Hej-Hej’?

Riders call out ‘Hej Hej’ to attract customers– attracting attention and smiles. Not frowns and frustration.

  •  A talking billboard?

Riders can speak positively to passengers about the brand being advertised.

Size matters!


With an outer surface of 7m2, an advert on a Hej Hej pedicab is BIG! That’s the equivalent of 56, A3-size posters waving at city-centre consumers all day long. Our pedicabs are on the streets over 250 hours each week exposing your message to an audience size of tens of thousands each month.

      " 79% of urban consumers act as a result of seeing an Out-of-Home advert."


      "Target audiences want to see stronger creative and more entertainment from OOH advertising "


OOH Research and Insight, Exterion Media



Adverts on a Hej Hej pedicab are competitive in price compared with other mobile, out-­of­-home advertising. Several options are available to suit a range of budgets and needs.



Side panels. Inner carriage.

From 7 500 SEK


Back and Side Panels and combinations. ​ From​ ​ 10 500 SEK


Full­carriage coverage. Single carriage, half or whole­fleet. ​ From 49 950 SEK

Long term cab or fleet sponsorship options are also available. Time periods are sold in blocks of 2 weeks. Printing is included in price.

Contact us for a quote and to discuss product launches, campaigns and how we can help meet your advertising needs. Discount packages available.


With our long experience in marketing and communications we provide a highly professional service.


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